City of Shanghai office building building " shade drops more than "

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  Emersion of 10 thousand divisions depreciates

Old owner of Hangzhou of 10 thousand divisions is troubled by not long ago greatly the selling office asks to return a house, 10 thousand divisions ever expressed to will abide by contract principle not to return a house stoutly. But mid-autumn around, happy event of “ of 10 thousand inflict is greeted mid-autumn the stunt of ” , the 8 buildings in be being sold at present to Shanghai dish adopt concentration to depreciate favourable sales promotion, depreciating range is the biggest in every square metre 4000 yuan are controlled. According to the report, this mobile head double cease day namely in August 30, inside, the person that buy a house in all subscribe 176 flatlet, sale amount amounts to 268 million yuan.

The personage inside course of study expresses, 10 thousand divisions this one bold move, of the basis is its thorough knowledge to the market, the kind that takes the price to reduce will sell, show 10 thousand families bibcock of this one house property goes to market future of situation sentence beforehand. Regard domestic real estate as the most preeminent company, the act of 10 thousand divisions, actually adumbrative domestic estate market or will appear overall price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is whole.

   New dish begin general to drop

According to the reporter's observation, the disturbance returning a house of 10 thousand divisions has not spread in Shanghai building city at present, the reporter called Central Plains ground to produce the market to popularize a rainbow of assistant manager land a few days ago, the 30 many buildings that real estate of know Central Plains is acting as agent at present dish in, had not appeared the phenomenon that return a house. This personage expresses, according to his understanding, retreating room phenomenon to be returned in Shanghai is a case only, main concentration is in depreciate dozen fold span to compare old a few building dish.

Although retreat room disturbance to have not spread, but of floor price drop generally, had been the fact that does not dispute however. Sell data statistic according to real estate of main rooms of net of basis of some estate research organization, mix first half of the year this year trade to be compared in 779 months have 212 skill building actively dish, have 5 buildings among them dish drop already exceeded 20% now, 2.4% what hold sum total; Drop a building between 10%-20% dish have 17, 8% what hold sum total; Go up drop a building in 10% less than dish respectively 89 mix 73, hold sum total respectively 42% with 34.4% ; Go up a building between 10%-20% dish have 22, 1 what hold sum total. .4% ; Go up the building of a 20% above dish have 6, 2.8% what hold sum total. Analyst introduction, clinch a deal price falls 22 Lou Panzhong of more than 10% , have 13 buildings dish be located in went up last year the biggest inside in annulus area, have 2 buildings dish be located in went up last year an area inside platoon second core. Be in in annulus area, what data highlights quite is Dahuaji the building below round banner dish, it is all fronts drops almost at present, and drop a Yuan Chao this “ the 10 thousand divisions of ” of 8 dishes of Qi Jiang. Research organization investigation still shows, after the price drops, the clinchs a deal to measure and did not appear to increase considerably evidence of building city.
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