Fu Chao Zhi falls to have egg hard, do not become 10 thousand branches god

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It is to proved to he has been been close to or surmount “ god ” to the self-identity of “ god ”

Become a certain person or organize by apotheosis moment, not far from danger, the believer that no matter be itself of “ god ” ,still is those gods people. From 2007 since second half of the year, talk from inflection point spread of the whole nation depreciate, below policy of this not quite professional macroscopical adjusting control, the show of 10 thousand divisions is same not professional, be full of selfishness and the feeling that make fun of petty trick, the adjusting control apiration that lets a government changed flavour, let the foreground swaying in the midst of a raging storm of the industry, let those once loved loyalty of 10 thousand families to follow the person buy a house of 10 thousand divisions goes out from anger. However funny is, below this kind of circumstance, however large quantities of one experts and person of the same trade look this kind of way of 10 thousand divisions do profound and brilliant lift, what to say 10 thousand divisions are through depreciating capital of fast steam again, dozen control the market, battlefield is cleaned to collect petty gain after waiting for market depression, 10 thousand divisions are tall, really tall! The occurrence of this kind of argument is very simple, it is 10 thousand divisions already by apotheosis. This makes I thought of the setting of on the history a lot of likeness, happen on leader figure body more, by although apotheosis hind commits elementary mistake however still by hill hurrah, the emperor is brilliant! Below effect of this kind of apotheosis, although have the Pan rock of different view with 10 thousand divisions all the time,towering like a mountain peak (guest of Pan Shige rich, pan Shige news, pan Shige says) also cannot avoid custom, what just distinguish somewhat with other epigone is, most person is to prove oneself and magical difference are not big, and Pan Shi is to prove he compares 10 thousand families ” of this “ god is more brillant, because of him can the crafty plot of ” of god of see through “ . Serve as once person of 10 thousand divisions, my a bit does not suspect 10 thousand divisions the position in weight of weight lifting of Chinese real estate, chinese real estate gives the example action that the industry brings in also respecting him to go ten years, but today, I feel oneself more that ignorant child in the new clothes that resembles an emperor, did not see 10 thousand families actually after all brillant be in? Be here accordingly, do I try to a few simple and ignorant problems pass to seek testimony does the “ brillant ” of 10 thousand divisions where?

Depreciate considerably is sales promotion the ” of “ wise move that thinks out very hard?

The answer is negative apparently. Below current market condition, the sales promotion strategy that is thought of the most easily depreciates considerably namely. Small development business depreciates, can be said to be to cannot stand, common development business depreciates, can be said to be to do not have intelligence quotient, but 10 thousand divisions depreciate, be being said is the operation ” with brillant “ . Is this why?
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