Price of office building house falls posture will come continuously 2012

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Investment of institute of economy of industry of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Cao Jianhai of market lab director (guest of Cao Jianhai rich, cao builds sea news, cao Jianhai says) express, as a result of slow down in demand, commodity house price of China still will show now to fall posture, house price falls extent may be achieved 50% , taller even.

Cao Jianhai is the society of “ construction harmony that the countryside book company in zero ran on September 21, the policy that implements the person that ‘ is resided to have its house ’ does what state so on proposal ” lecture. He points out, estate market is entered adjust period, making the main reason that house price falls is demand, without demand room price can fall. And early days of domestic house price goes up exorbitant, it is with Beijing exemple, arrive from 2001 2008, infrastructure capital investment is made an appointment with 5, 0 yuan, and building of 01 years of Beijing all valence is made an appointment with 5, 000 yuan / smooth rice, 8 years average room price already rose to about 15, 000 yuan / smooth rice, according to area of housing of average per capita the 25 computation that make the same score rice, beijing building is overall appreciate more than 4 trillion, such appreciating that overdrew completely to did not come appreciate space, because this did not come,house price can be gone to time drop.

The analyst thinks, at present posture of fall after a rise of domestic house price is formed basically. Statistic of dispatch of world China money comes 8 years the home that statistical bureau announces 70 big in urban house price rises compared to the same period a data discovery, come 8 years, domestic house price rises compared to the same period present state of apparent fall after a rise, 8 years January, domestic house price rises for in recent years new tall, achieve 11.3% , house price rises later continuously fall after a rise, 2-8 month data is respectively 10.9% , 10.7% , 10.1% , 9.2% , 8.2% , 7.0% , 5.3% . And see from data, go up extent shows a fall after a rise enlarge a trend.

Cao Jianhai puts forward, trend of fall after a rise of domestic house price predicts to continue to 2012. Before this Cao Jianhai once expressed, once house price falls, buying a house in the past is with investment and agreeable crowd, it is to push tall house price no longer not just, and the element that can form to hit the price that control a house.

Adventurer buys a house is with earning to sell finally valence is differred. If the house cannot sell, his investment and spec with respect to come to nothing. Because these specs and this investor want to sell the house,receive finally dish person, if he sells next adventurer, this investor must want to find the person that accepts the order finally, if this person that accept the order does not have ability, so expectant house price may be drop go situation. So this moment adventurer no longer from the replenish onr's stock in development business hand, be eager to the goods in stock in handle be being cast however. Will tell to developing business, demand was done not have much instead adversary, congenial person becomes the person that throws money, such meetings form to play the price that control a house, factor that makes house price is down.
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