Capital catenary hasten is close

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 Borrow beg hard

“ is current, estate develops an enterprise to borrow money to the bank directly, the conference is more difficult. ”9 month 22 days, in of small bank award a letter to examine and approve an official to say, the reason is very simple, the branch that is each bank basically did not develop the limits of authority of loan, 2 it is the head office also fathers the dimensions that charges real-estate loan.

The personage of subsidiary bank of bank of a share-holding system that some saves the eastpart part also says frankly, even if is the landed bibcock enterprise of this province, the head office also won't satisfy its financing requirement.

Nevertheless, reject the loan application of estate company simply, do not mean can conveniently general risk also close the door on. Current, capital market raises fund suffer be restricted, the bank borrows money …… of be thwarted of sale of controlled, market is in financing source reductive is tremendous under pressure, partial room look forward to begins make a reckless move.

A of superintendency branch investigation that is aimed at condition of fund of room look forward to discovers, because catenary of estate company capital is general hasten is close, the enterprise with excessive and outspread part is in be faced with capital catenary to rupture below the circumstance of the crisis, add through empty register capital to cover take bank loan; Also some enterprises use a holiday to mortgage, holiday head pays wait for a method to cover take bank loan, see company capital pressure with Yu Huan.

   Empty adds capital and holiday to mortgage

In financing difficult situation falls, company of a few estate can adopt “ dark the means ” that spends Chen Cang. Afore-mentioned awarding the letter examines and approve an official to express, basically be the related company that leaves through the banner, be like management property or trading company, will covert set take bank loan.

In a findings report of superintendency branch, announced partial room look forward to to cover the case that takes bank loan, it is empty is added firstly register capital.

Company of Shanghai some estate establishs affiliated enterprise through false investment, invest to wait for gimmick to make its capital expands ceaselessly each other by affiliated enterprise again, its register capital to expand from 5 million yuan formerly it is 233 million yuan, its establish prime portion to register capital is added with 9 endowment, decrease 1 times endowment all exist false.

The personage inside banking points out, bank loan won't exceed the only asset of the enterprise at most, so, register the company with very small fund, the bank provides too much loan impossibly.

Many branch that company of Shanghai some estate and affiliated enterprise narrate to be in 11 banks of Shanghai before opens 48 account, a large number of capital carry many account or frequent allocate and transfer, outflank runs many affiliated enterprise, escape bank monitoring, two banks that are in Shanghai at present had formed the bad loan of 100% .
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