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Before a month, miss Zhang is located in him one set Beijing to look at 14000 yuan to the two bedrooms of Beijing area hang out his shingle / square metre sale, but lack person make inquires. In last few days, miss Zhang tells " daily of the first finance and economics " , already will hang list price style low go to 12000 yuan / square metre, although see the person of the room,be much rise, but most person or the state of mind that holding “ in the arms to look not to buy ” only.

With season Miss Zhang feels panicky is, the Beijing stone scene that with its housing price comparatives is a mountainous areaOcean landscape (Forum resembles book door model the news between example) the project was rolled out 6.3 break special offer house, and not as far as its housingEast lake bay (Forum resembles book door model video of the news between example) project price from 20 thousand yuan / square metre fell 16000 yuan / square metre.

   Depreciate become a common practice

It is early before a few months, place produces Li Wenjie of northern region president in (guest of Li Wenjie rich, li Wenjie news, li Wenjie says) forecast, the four seasons spends Beijing this year field general sweep is large-scale dozen of agitation that loses sales promotion.

Draw near the fourth quarter, hit the wind that fold to grow in intensity really. The coronal ” can of the “ discount of Beijing calls ocean landscape the project. Relevant media is announced, this project rolls out 100 6.3 break special offer house.

Reporter at this point the message sells Xiao Jin of department general manager to ocean real estate (guest of Xiao Jin rich, be like strong news, xiao Jin says) seek testimony, xiao Jin is in affirm 6.3 fold considerably discount while express, room of this special offer is only an and rather than 100. Li Wenjie also expresses, the special offer room of ocean landscape is project end dish, do not have representative.

And depreciate representatively building dish should belong toCounty of rose of China course of study (Forum resembles book door model) of the news between example, the reporter understands, this project already from former all valence 16000 yuan / square metre falls continuously 13000 yuan of ~ 14000 yuan / square metre.

Although Hua Yemei rares of county depreciate not to calculate the earliest, fall also do not calculate highest, but the sale means of ” of compensation of its “ price difference caused wide attention however. Project salesperson assures to the reporter, if the project depreciates further, so owner compensates the cash reserve in a bank that acquires corresponding price difference.

County of rose of China course of study has spread out to buying the price difference of 112 owner of the room to compensate. China property real estate engineers chief inspector Deng Xiaohu to introduce to the reporter, corresponding price difference compensates plan to had been finished at be being made yesterday, will pass 10, 11, 3 12 months, finish the compensation to owner group by group.
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