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The travel of intermediate quantity couplet that the whole world provides dimensions estate to invest one of administrative companies most announces his in Shanghai this afternoon newest findings report, point to in the past two years, index of diaphaneity of Chinese estate market already was jumped from low diaphaneity litre to translucent grade, extent promotes in Asia-Pacific area the biggest.

By intermediate the travel that measure couplet and estate of its whole world invest administrative subsidiary to get fill investment management newest index of issuance diaphaneity of market of estate of “ whole world reports ” shows, at present Chinese estate market is translucent market, improved a grade full on the foundation of low diaphaneity before this. In the past two years, the estate market diaphaneity of a lot of rising markets all got the whole world promote, asia-Pacific area belongs to China expression is optimal, diaphaneity improves range the biggest.

Diaphaneity index is opportunity of investment of whole world of understanding of participator of help estate market and a kind of tool that make property invest the strategy. The international standard that this index can coordinate other is used at making the whole world invest the strategy or company outspread strategy. Its measure a standard to have 5 thumb bid: Investment outstanding achievement is evaluated, what basic message gets the market is difficult spend easily, appear on the market evenhanded of system of policy of exposure of company finance affairs, law and effective rate, trade flow reachs evenhanded level publicly. Diaphaneity by low it is 5 archives to high component: Opaque, low diaphaneity, translucent, transparent and very transparent.

Investigation shows, of chinese mainland area one, 2, 3 lines in all the estate market of 3 kinds of cities is existing in diaphaneity respect very big difference. And in each market in big China area, hong Kong is one of markets with global top diaphaneity, taiwan is in translucence over interval, and Macao ranks low transparent level, be in city of mainland a gleam of under, but second line of mainland of summary prep above and 3 lines city. Before this, the diaphaneity rank of chinese mainland area mirrorred one of line cities merely (come from 1999 2 6 years 00) circumstance, two years the diaphaneity of whole market gets be amelioratived substantially recently, surmounted India first.

The main drive factor that diaphaneity of market of estate of investigation analysis China gets promoting considerably has the following 4 respects: Globalization is the main factor that estate market diaphaneity promotes, increase of sth used to one's own advantage of chinese mainland area and industry measure increasingly, drove estate market to be opposite accurate market information and the demand that accept international example; Estate investment trades the quantity is increased increasingly, what drive estate market directly is open degree; Develop the grow in quantity that business appears on the market as estate, these enterprises report through year the information content of exposure also increases subsequently; The issuance more open letter such as administration policy ceases.
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