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The policy of estate adjusting control that is adjusting control target in order to stabilize the market is possible again “ inflection ” .

On September 20, zhu Zhong of vice-chairman of Chinese estate association, secretary-general is in “ seaside new developed area discloses on ” of epochal large forum, in room assist concerned leader submit a written statement to a higher authority to the State Council a few days ago an estate policy adjusts a proposal, get the State Council concerns the leader's attention.

Afore-mentioned in room assist policy suggests advocate tone is a change “ is at present severe the policy of estate adjusting control of ” , instead “ controls ” moderately. Specific policy includes: Allow local government proper motion to help city; Reduce estate to trade concerned tax rate; Encourage perfective housing demand; Strengthen function of estate early warning system to wait.

Zhu Zhong expresses, be in almost same last year time, house price rises quickly at that time, in room assist handed over a policy to suggest to report to the State Council through housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, subsequently this report content is made by policy the branch is used. Be based on this, he has hope likewise the policy proposal this year can get adoption.

Additional, in room assist still suggest housing and ministry of urban and rural construction begin policy reserve, choose machine is rolled out.

   Policy of adjusting control meet an emergency brews in

One is close to housing and reform of estate of ministry of urban and rural construction and the public figure that develop department to say, be being combed and do policy to prepare, need an opportunity in order to have, policy lays in insufficient occurrence adjusting control to break archives.

This “ 3 decide ” reform to had neared end, each business manages director post has decided person selected, this means 4 department that estate adjusting control involves after including reform to begin full scale operation.

The estate development that promotes by lab of this general office and reform department will assume research of housing market condition and policy to make the work. It is reported, this department has begun to collect and arrange policy of adjusting control of industry of associate with real-estate, plan policy of adjusting control meet an emergency actively according to new market condition.

Chinese estate and Gu Yunchang of residential seminar vice-chairman think this kind of policy is adjusted very necessary.

The policy that “ goes is made when house price soares, market condition is contrary now, when ” Gu Yunchang accepted our newspaper reporter to interview on September 22, express, with 2 flatlet loan policy is exemple, past is blow fry a room and published drive up 2 flatlet head pay the policy such as scale, house price falls now, the scale that fry a room is inferior, and buy behavior in order to improve the 2 flatlet that oneself living condition gives priority to to should be regarded as normal state, need not hit painstakingly again press 2 flatlet loan.
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