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 Lower interest price of volume of city of building of a week Shenzhen falls together

Yesterday, come from the statistical data of Shenzhen land natural resources and house property management board to show, shenzhen one, secondhand room market is overall become friendship condition to all present a “ to measure valence to drop together the posture of ” . In the meantime, the reporter still learns from bank of Shenzhen much home, past a week, business of each big bank loan seeks advice from Shenzhen the volume rises apparently, indebted reduce at loan interest rate, still borrow tide to begin to drop in temperature ahead of schedule.

   One, secondhand the room clinchs a deal the quantity glides

This data shows, between 7 climate, market of Shenzhen skill room clinchs a deal in all 695, relatively before lowering interest 8 weeks have glide considerably, compare a week before lowering interest (875) annulus comparing drops 25.5% , clinch a deal at the same time all valence is 10718 yuan / square metre, relatively before small drop, annulus comparing drops 0.5% ; Among them, shenzhen outside Shanghaiguan clinchs a deal the quantity is 479, 68.9% what occupy whole town assembly to pay an amount; The Baoan area of outside Shanghaiguan maintains 266 sets with clinching a deal the first, occupy whole town to clinch a deal 38.3% of the quantity; Be in all valence respect, dragon hillock area with 8839 yuan / of square metre all valence becomes whole town lowest. In the meantime, shenzhen is secondhand room market clinchs a deal the capacity also appears relatively drop substantially, clinch a deal in all 670, annulus of a week before comparing is compared drop 20.3% .

The place in Shenzhen produces general manager Li Yaozhi to think: Macroscopical adjusting control is in “ epicycle confidence of heavy model stock market while, flow into the capital of building city originally in the billabong on certain level necessarily, can say, short-term inside the climate change that Shenzhen building city follows be issued to lower levels of whole of economic general trends is not apparent, policy brings more long-term force that are pair of markets. ”

Researcher Wang Deyong represents real estate of letter negotiable securities in, be in after all after lowering interest to impose stamp tax with unilateral, whether can building city greet traditional sense fall great achievements prices, still need long-term observation, want at least when ability saw reason in November.

   Bank room borrows advisory quantity to increase 3 into

Although this 5 years period the amplitude modulation below above loan interest rate is calendar year the smallest, but right still the person that buy a house produced bigger psychology to affect. Room of commercial bank of a share-holding system lends an officer manager introduction arrives: “ loan is standard after interest rate is reduced, the citizen's loan buys room purchasing power to did not appear bigger go up. Since a week, the phone that applies for loan with name of medium and small businesses seeks advice from a quantity to present apparent ascendant state, the photograph before coming on stage with policy is compared rise 10% the left and right sides, the client that will seek advice from a room to shift business to the bank also increased about 3 into the left and right sides. ”
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