Office building develops business autumn to hand in city of building of Shenzhen

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October portion will greet development business to push dish of fastigium this year, and center Yu Qiu hand in can appear, face the market situation of unbalance of supply and demand, the quantity of building city and price are having serious analysis sense, the fundamental of the relation that estimate value is “ because of,the quantity is, valence is if really; The volume is prior, valence is in hind ” . Accordingly, if supply appears relatively substantially rise or drop, apparent meeting produces certain effect to product value. Of course, this basically is told from integral level. specific level, the change of supply may have to the effect way of product value and degree differ apparently with the difference. Generally speaking, of high-end residence and inside Shanghaiguan residence fight drop the gender is stronger, won't get too big impact. And average house, especially those products with more devious outside Shanghaiguan, may get bigger impact.

Additional, supply just affects one of factors of price level, other walks along latent capacity of quality of situation, product, demand to wait a moment like policy, also be the main effect force that cannot ignore. Below the condition that knows in everybody the addition of supply can affect the price, we analyse a problem from fractionize market and other influencing factor more, easier perhaps discovery solves the breach of the problem. When development business is choosing the price to adjust, the factor that its consider includes: Own reserves state, product is quality of place a sector of an area, product, right oneself product confidence, and not the confine classification at average house and high-end residence.

The factor that affects real-estate demand has a lot of, psychology of level of level of price level, product quality, hire, policy environment, income, consumption is waited a moment, can affect demand dimensions and demand structure on different level, the price serves as a factor, nature is not exceptional also. But, cannot affecting demand side because of the price relatively other element is more sensitive with important, with respect to the reason slow down in demand simple end is the price too tall, have rather so some too perceptual. That is to say, slow down in demand can seek an account from the price, but the effect that also cannot ignore other factor, analyse other element deep sometimes, more significant instead.

Say from market level, what place of uptodate estate market is faced with is not single price issue, what puzzle estate market truly is a citizen the confidence problem to house price, if house price still is in,drop continuously, even if drop to cost price, the citizen's choice is remained wait-and-see, that is to say, uptodate consumptive psychology element cannot be ignored to the influence of estate market. Development business besides depreciate beyond, those who need a consideration is whether build consumptive confidence. This also is an issue that estate market does not confuse. From the point of supply demand relations, the of all kinds demand of this locality is actual existence, just fail to be released effectively. Want to solve this problem, need the effort of each respect, straight-out and effective communication undertakes between need development business and consumer especially, form benign each other letter.
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