Shenzhen of 10 thousand divisions may rot poop deck Shanghai is encountered now

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Shenzhen of 10 thousand divisions may rot poop deck Shanghai treats gold of the coldest " now 9 "

Gold of “ of Shanghai building city 9 ” clinch a deal the volume falls most probably

In demand depressed setting falls, “ Jin Jiuyin this traditional sale busy season makes 10 ” Shanghai develops business people expressed great expectations. But as was about to end September, the “ gold that develops business declare of 9 ” dream is undone. Statistic shows, september go up the middle ten days of a month, of Shanghai building city clinch a deal the quantity continues atrophic, it is only at present the 20 % of the corresponding period were controlled last year. Analytic personage points out, from September data looks, the person energy of life of Shanghai building city gets together by “ ” changes “ comes loose ” already was become finality, this year of annual clinch a deal data will be very ugly. And if develop business to continue to hold to,do not depreciate or small depreciating strategy, the wait-and-see mood of Shanghai building city will not alleviate.

Sell busy season as the accepted tradition inside course of study, the phenomenon with 10 ” insufficient quality is in “ Jin Jiuyin to happen for many times in recent years, but be being returned like so atrophic this year state is first time. The personage inside some course of study is its appearance “ exceeding deep cold ” .

The closest a week that offers from Chinese index academy clinchs a deal in light of data, 9.15 - inside 9.21 a week, shanghai clinchs a deal in all commodity house one hundred and eighty-two thousand one hundred square metre, annulus comparing drops 2.29% ; This week adds city commodity house newly three hundred and seventy-four thousand two hundred square metre, annulus drops than last week 11.39% . Comparing of this weeks of supply and marketing is 1: 0.52.

Analytic personage thinks, as a result of this year the special arrangement of 11 long holidays, the rest of clinch a deal in the day also won't somewhat improvement.

In fact, gold 9 appear such deadlock should ascribe to the state of mind that develops business. Xue Jianxiong of director of research center of bless power estate thinks, the person that buy a house has produced essential sex changeover to the anticipation of house price, sexual price compares the main factor that becomes its to consider. However, most development business is not to reduce decorate a level, lend machine processing source of the poorest room namely will depreciate, apparently look fall very big, real privilege is not much however, this is the main reason that pulls Jin Jiulou city into deadlock. And the personage inside some course of study points out, development business saves city ” to be full of to governmental “ looking forward to also is the main reason that its do not agree to depreciate actively.
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