Big rub be the first large-scale cast Pan Chong to attack difficult anticipation

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To Chinese real estate, the storm of wall street touched them inevitably originally flimsy nerve.

Of Lei Man of ” of “ super dinosaur's brother flat, make Chinese people bank reduces loan standard rate and deposit reserve the practical effect of good step all was not like these benefit person meaning, more heavy the capital catenary burden of real estate investor and panicky psychology, what head with Magenshidanli is large-scale cast dish of agitation to pounding house property market continuously, consequence expects hard.

Sell building help sb to deal with an emergency

With respect to the 3rd day after storm of wall street finance erupts, on September 18 Magenshidanli (the message immediately that MorganStanley) plans to sell place hold Shanghai manages property more exposes to the sun piece.

The item that this Magenshidanli sells includes the type of many 100 hotel of the region of new scope of operation with costly hire to serve apartment, the property project of region of new scope of operation is Magenshidanli purchased 2003, it is to be in Shanghai ground to produce market prior brushstroke significant investment. Summer of Mount Hua of another apartment project also will be become offer a target, in June 2006, big rub purchase A of Xia Dou of high-end property Mount Hua 116 property, involve amount 760 million yuan. Residential project respect, big rub planning to sell elegant center of world of bright and beautiful Lin with 1.1 billion yuan price, and apartment also is in the landscape that is located in edge of Pudong century park in the center of mouth of Home Lou Panliu big rub inside the range that offer, big rub still be about to sell treasure mountain how does the biggest commerce project believe commercial square at present.

Undersell behavior is in Shanghai not just, magenshidanli's subordinate estate fund already began to offer its value 5.5 billion HK dollar (add up to 705 million dollar) Hong Kong is landed, the annulus in involving Lou Panhe of housing of unit of 5 hotels type is filled with buy edifice.

This the action changes big rub do not take the way that gives ” before this 5 years only in “ of Chinese estate market. Magenshidanli is prior of market of sortie China estate orgnaization of the investment outside the condition, begin from 2003, big rub count 1 billion RMB in Shanghai investment in succession, involve apartment of type of commercial square, hotel, large office building and project development. Big rub still be in the beginning of the year published a statement 2006, claim the likelihood becomes real estate of “ Shanghai's biggest a whole world investor ” .

Be in early big rub swing dish before, lijia appears on the market below sincere banner company and the land that write down harbor square of trade of century of Shanghai office building in order to make an appointment with the ” of low “ sacrifice of 4.957 billion HK dollar. Its make an appointment with 45 thousand yuan of every square metre clinch a deal valence, under office building of Shanghai first class is average first quarter this year price the price of 51 thousand yuan of every square metre. And from now on before the property of pass on of Shanghai foreign capital trades in light of, gao Cheng, Hua Qi, big rub waiting for investment orgnaization to be not had is not earn basin full earthen bowl is full, all the time why does the Li Jiacheng that signal “ values Shanghai office building for a long time to develop ” want the high grade property with good redound of ” of “ low sacrifice, be regarded as the foreign capital tendercy of ” of vane of building city “ for a long time, the building that whether predicts like industry place does city adjust to be restricted to already came greatly?
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