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Observation: Hare pregnant vinegar sends ヂ ナ have diarrhoea my Yun shakes Jin Jiuyin of? of  of a man's cap used in ancient times of Т  sincere  10 "

The estate market of gloomy ” is greeting “ anxious cloud Jin Jiuyin of “ of busy season of so called traditional sale 10 ” , but fell to already pushed building city to the demand buying a house of freezing point honest low confuse “ lair ” , how the keyword that break out of an encirclement became this busy season.

Is the group bought can you break now is level market small confuse posture? The autumn house that is regarded as vane of Beijing building city for a time exhibits meeting general to be in on October 30 - held on November 2, current exhibit meeting general advocate hit “ group to buy ” brand, the key rolls out group of residence of the first Beijing to buy a part, the low that tries to be bought with the group attracts the customer that has the genuine desire that buy a house, attract the development business that capital catenary stretchs tight closely with the huge potential demand that buy a house again. Sponsor just think, this action hopeful makes development business the green that as two-way as the person that buy a house communicating trades passageway, hopeful is broken now level market is small confuse posture, bring the another sale height of Beijing estate market.

But there always is not little obstacle between ideal and reality. The personage inside a few course of study points out, the group is bought is the person that buy a house and the way of a kind of negotiation that develop business actually, former the concession that makes small profits with latter of generous advantage requirement. Go up in the market level, building sale is hot, house price rises persistently, accordingly, the person that buy a house is willing to attend a group to buy, buy appropriate house with relatively low price thereby, but most development business is not interested in this; And in phase of market cold and cheerless, the house is bad to sell, house price is in again fall, business of a few development is fond of a group to buy again, low draws the person that buy a house, the quantity can accelerate sale rate again greatly, but the person that buy a house drops in house price often do not wish below expectant action easily dig down, more it is to choose to continue wait-and-see. That is to say, below current market, the means that wants to be bought with the group turns round building city low confuse posture, difficulty is quite great, after all one fraction building dish opposite low changes general trends hard. And, more important is to still need to see these buildings why be planted dish the price can be favourable degree.

So, depreciate whether lead building city to clinch a deal does the quantity rebound, does the change clinch a deal low confused declining tendency? Depreciate can become this year “ Jin Jiuyin the word of a theme of 10 ” , but development business depreciates consensus still is waited for form further, depreciate extent is impossible that one pace reachs the designated position, make building city wait-and-see atmosphere won't one brandish and medicinal powder. From the 10 thousand divisions of early days, constant big look forward to waiting for a room depreciates in light of the circumstance of sales promotion, the actual demand that buy a house is quite exuberant still, this explains a standard of ask a price is proper, building city clinchs a deal the quantity is to be able to regain normal level. But the price difference that depreciates to also draw old owner to ask to compensate early days high price to buy a house, and buying go up not to buy the dropping psychology that buy a house, depreciate to be able to stimulate house price to drop further probably anticipate, this makes a few development business chooses to depreciate or relatively the apprehension that depreciates substantially.
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