Go up drop each other shows rare lack value of room of a sector of an area city

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Go up drop each other shows rare lack value of room of a sector of an area city of strong Shanghai building shows " double-faced trait "

The building to yielding benefit truly dish, the person that buy a house gave answer actively. Big Hua Jinxiu China city month clinchs a deal 133, the cogongrass before city of row Shanghai building is sold. Photography / Zhang Zhi is beautiful

9 ” become “ gold things that are stale and unfasionable is beyond question already, but the feature of Shanghai building city cannot use “ day simply however cool good autumn ” is wraparound. Half the number is new dish drop influence is sweeping, half the number is new dish also be in rise in price sadly. Although person energy of life falls historical nadir, but a few depreciate the Lou Pancheng that reach the designated position hands in a quantity to still can be encircled can nod. The manner of the person that buy a house from Shanghai looks, also be differentiation apparent, the person that want to offer theres is no lack of its person, but most owner not approve of is rushed break for. Coming 11 holidays room is exhibited meeting, development business is used sufficient the effort sales promotion that suck the breast, but the person that buy a house far from feel grateful.

Instantly building city, although public opinion of be expected to fall took the main aspect, but can see from statistical data, the market of the near future, fill drop dish although much, fill go up dish not little also, building city performance is generalized simply hard.

Each big media near future reported the statistical data of bless power estate, shanghai is new dish in 44.8% show now to drop, among them, get those who drop is medium far two bays city and mansion of name of peaceful government office the building inside two core dish, drop respectively 31.5% with 12.3% , these two buildings dish last year go up be as high as respectively 54.7% with 44.8% . Went up quickly last year, drop suddenly also this year. See from inside statistic, the price drops 22 buildings of more than 10% dish distributing in whole town most district, basically be to went up last year a too old building dish. Among them, have 13 buildings dish be located in went up last year the biggest inside in annulus area, go up to discharged the area inside second core to have 2 buildings last year dish, the others distributings in in beyond annulus area.

This statistic points out at the same time, the building that rise dish still have 55.2% . Basically be medium near annulus “ reacted last year of relatively slow ” new dish, price change extent is not very big, “ fills slowly nowadays go up come up ” . This data however almost by entirely of Shanghai media “ oversight ” . The annulus in be like is triumphal apartment, 1-6 month clinchs a deal 36, monovalent twenty-eight thousand five hundred and fifty-six yuan / square metre; 7-8 month clinchs a deal 39, monovalent thirty thousand five hundred and thirty-two yuan / square metre, rise 6.9% . Scene of contain green jade encloseds ground for growing trees, 1-6 month clinchs a deal 68, monovalent 18 thousand yuan / square metre; 7-8 clinchs a deal 9, monovalent nineteen thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven yuan / square metre, rise 9.9% . A of city of century of the Milky Way piece, 1-6 month clinchs a deal 86, monovalent eleven thousand five hundred and forty-two yuan / square metre; 7-8 month clinchs a deal 6, monovalent forteen thousand and eighty-seven yuan / square metre, rise 22% .
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