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Successive of fall after a rise of price of 3 months occurrence volume secondhand room market, still be faced with house price to continue amendatory possibility. The reason is, secondhand in August the room clinchs a deal quantity compared to the same period considerably atrophic 62.9% , the price however tower above 5.7% .

Always celebrate stage of building group Shanghai to celebrate house property statistic according to Taiwan, shanghai is secondhand in August room (basically include apartment and villatic ocean house, similarly hereinafter) clinch a deal the quantity is 6062, annulus drops than July 11.9% , compared to the same period bigger last year in August drop 62.9% . All valence 9582 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing falls slightly 1.3% , compared to the same period still tower above 5.7% . The stage celebrates Chen Shiling of house property vise general manager to express, this shows eye anteroom price still has larger correction space. “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” not allow hopeful, building city will still maintain valence to drop the impetus that the quantity shrinks.

Look with annulus than data, since June, secondhand the room clinchs a deal the quantity begins to drop, annulus comparing dropped in July 27.1% . With compared to the same period in light of the data, since this year March, secondhand the room clinchs a deal the volume drops compared to the same period begin month by month to expand, come to dropped in August go 62.9% , achieve since this year the biggest drop. Above data explains, house price falls situation did not stop. On one hand, since last year September, secondhand the room clinchs a deal the quantity began to glide impetus, but the price lasts basically however bullish, just gave now travel trend in May till this year, the fall after a rise of the price lags behind at clinching a deal to measure far. On the other hand, secondhand in August the room clinchs a deal all valence is 9582 yuan / square metre, basic fall after a rise arrives the level last year December, but clinch a deal the quantity has only however December 3 into, so low clinch a deal the quantity also is supporting same tall house price, these make clear secondhand of the room drop situation will still last. Until clinch a deal when the quantity regains certain level, the market just can appear signal seeing an end.

The owner with partial in short supply capital begins to depreciate considerably, the person that buy a house can capture opportunity skill. Because the building goes spending an amount low, owner hangs out his shingle quantity however increase sharply, the range that major owner is willing to depreciate is not big, but still have fraction owner (occupy 10%-15%) to need capital of rapid steam again about, may fall the price sufficient, possible even under market level. Chen Shiling introduces, to skill room, drop what depreciate to take form of a flight of stairs commonly stage by stage means, because development business hand is medium room source amount is larger, if falls house price full meeting makes its loss not small, and the element of its apprehension is more. Much is secondhand of room owner hang list price to follow periphery to develop business to go, development business rises in price, go up accordingly; Development business depreciates, they also fall accordingly. But, capital requirement, need treats the owner of the building quickly, the method is different. They hope to change house property quickly now, have relatively pressing time pressure, once the market clinchs a deal the amount is small fan, sale time spins, may fall the price sufficient, lower than actual prices even. Accordingly, do not eliminate now also is the inning that moves to buy a house.
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