Foundation of sound of price of Beijing office building floor 8880 yuan

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Ten projects open quotation, everyday many 500 clinch a deal quantity, the …… of group seeing a room of the 1500 much people since the group is borrowing “ to lower interest the east wind of ” , last on the weekend, the open quotation that develops business open quotation, dozen fold dozen fold, it may be said is be eager for doing sth, among them, east 4 annulus one project appears every square metre 8880 yuan exceed room of low special offer, ground of exert to one's utmost pays development business to have get one's own back eventually, allow good number icebound the Beijing building city of a few months saw long-unseen warm hint.

   Last weekend fierce leap up of building city “”

Basis inferior the statistic of orgnaization of a person of extraordinary powers, last weekend, this city shares 11 projects open quotation, medium sea wall

Last week 6, day, building city day clinchs a deal quantity go up abruptly leap up, achieve 513 to mix 563 respectively, broke the record this year not only, also go more than year of the corresponding period. To this, although development business heart jubilates, but not dare spring of small talk “ came ” , development business analysis says, before two months, business of Beijing majority development is in “ basically to not throw the troops into battle the condition of ” , open quotation quantity is little, the gross that makes the source that break a house is not big also. Last weekend two days tall clinch a deal quantity, just retaliate a gender to grow, of course, also “ lowers interest ” is new politics action. But judge spring to come from this, still be vogue early.

  Special offer room breaks building city firm ice

Be in last week ocean landscape

The person that buy a house gave positive response to depreciating, the golden land with original for instance good character - case Lin Xiaozhen 6, the 3 houses building that after depreciating, rolls out has made work a half; Day grand Dong Runfeng scene on room of 8880 yuan of special offer after be being rolled out Saturday, sell a telephone call ever ceaseless all the time, but at present, this phone has been hit was illogical. As we have learned, because the house sells,this is hind, sale phone had cancelled.

  Building city is denied extremely ability peaceful comes

Yang Haipeng was about to marry immediately, he is so anxious with fiancee the marriage room with an appropriate choose and buy. He thinks, house price is sure a bottom nods meeting bring into contact with, rebound to what give present price case very likely in those days, so he expresses act of meeting choose machine, a major programme of lasting importance that buy a house is finished in likely price. As to the price, he thinks the house outside 5 annulus is in every square metre 8000 yuan, he can be accepted quite.

Yang Haipeng's manner represented the state of mind of many people that buy a house, as landed as Central Plains also
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