Office building is secondhand intermediary of real estate of cold winter of buil

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Touch market “ severe cold hard ” is helpless close

The personage inside course of study expresses, agent is secondhand the feel person with market the directest changes in temperature, and it is secondhand that broker itself resembles the thermometer of landed course of study. The more or less can reflect the market directly changes in temperature of broker amount.

Add up to department of market of rich buy estate to express, secondhand the competition inside intermediary industry is quite intense, personnel flow is quite frequent also. Can reflect intermediary to wait from personal integrity of consciousness of the professional skill of personnel of course of study, service, profession more in weak city, accordingly, during the market is adjusted, intermediary industry will be reflected more apparently from the superior bad discard of personnel of course of study.

Dong Taihua garden board piece it is Dongguan is rented, hand in join the most active section, also be secondhand the contends for surely ground of intermediary. The peaceful of Dong Taidong door and business street, distributinging thickly size storefront of more than 20 intermediary.

First half of the year, price of room of Dongguan estate market rises situation without can keep out. Secondhand Yi Ruhuo of room market business is like a bitter edible plant. Many intermediary take advantage of a favorable situation enlarge inn enrols a person. The income of broker because this when the river rises the boat goes up too. For a short while, dong Tai board piece full market of broker of “ real estate goes, full city all buys room person ” .

And second half of the year, be in a series of new politics below the influence, secondhand take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly of market You Yanxia enters cold winter. The end of the year reachs when, many landed intermediary resistance do not live the ” of “ severe cold with long market, chose close or close a business. One part broker must turn to go or look for a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord additionally accordingly.

Essence of life reduces staff in order to reduce operation cost

Controller of company of one landed intermediary expresses, because clinch a deal,quantity and operation cost do not amount to direct ratio, only the choice cuts down the member of persons employed come bring down cost. Controller of landed intermediary company expresses, the expenditure of a month is in a branch probably 20 thousand ~3 10 thousand yuan, if the business is bad, do not reduce the sentence of expenditure as soon as possible again, the enterprise supports hard go down, cut down the member of persons employed only accordingly.

Produce the phenomenon that intermediary big batch cuts down the member of persons employed to ground of near future part, analysis of public figure of department of all-round victory market thinks: Broker attributes sale trade, big, working hours does not stabilize actuating pressure, the fluidity from personnel of course of study is greater. Market of whole now estate is small fan, a lot of secondhand and landed companies are forced essence of life decreases personnel to reduce operation cost, alleviate pressure.
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