As the urban dilate of Nanchang

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 10 thousand amount to analogy of president Wangjian Lin Ceng to say: “ residence real estate is pupil, business affairs real estate, office building, go vacationing the village is a high school student, commercial real estate is an undergraduate. ” is visible, what commercial real estate runs is difficult. Shopping square of water of blue sky green jade, place downtown, it is area of business of Nanchang blame convention however, regard a gleam of of shopping centers of such a large trade as chief, what kind of view is Zhu Jianghua having again to commercial real estate?

Mart “ much nucleus changes ” , be urban dilate is inevitable

Doing the National People's Congress of commercial real estate to have such deep feeling more is: Market environment is immature, be afraid of do commercial real estate! Review the whole nation, what mature shopping centers succeeds is not little, of failure very much also. Shopping square of water of blue sky green jade is not traditional business area to become shopping center in downtown a sector of an area, it is a brand-new attempt.
Nanchang regards provincial capital as the city, current mart has Zhongshan road, victory way only two streets, the nucleus that belong to sheet develops, this can cause excessive jam on certain level. As urban dilate, mart must much nucleus develops, have support of many pairs of centers. For instance red in the future Gu Tan also should form a business street, other east the mart that each area such as lake area, west lake area want to have his. Positive-appearing image Shanghai still has Xu Jiahui besides Nanjing road; Beijing still has the other mart such as trade of Xidan, Yan Sha, nation besides well of king government office.

No matter be estate development or commercial development, want to develop echo of photograph of a general name for arteries and veins with the city. Shopping square of water of blue sky green jade road of place green hill, with 81 highways be Nanchang city is medium axes, be apart from 81 square only 1.5 kilometers. Crowd of consumption of shopping square of water of blue sky green jade is primary radiation predicts to achieve 1.5-3 kilometer, what more than 20 public transportation line reachs as periphery later is convenient, outspread limits escalate.

Project of a residence or project of a commerce, its existence meaning looks not merely now, more be expected to rise is far, come from property right only say, can be as long as 40 years, its nature life is longer. Municipal and public investment accuses Nanchang of —— of business of development of shopping square of water of blue sky green jade (group) finite liability company develops a program according to Nanchang city just about, especially the development trend of commercial real estate, develop construction.

“ is indoor change ” , “ to change ” on foot, develop a tendency into large trade
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