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1, Beijing is secondhand 2008 situation of house business market is looked into

  1.1 2008 year annual market trades gross will maintain in 8-9 10 thousand between

Last year construction ministry puts forward to develop housing energetically of a series of policy such as 2 class market how-to below, the estate market of Beijing especially secondhand the market experienced the room to change gravely. 2007 of Beijing secondhand room market experienced the Central Bank to add promotion of interest rate of breath, loan, capital to superintend, the autograph on the net is made an appointment with, system of safeguard sex housing and increase an influence that pays the numerous policy such as scale sexual element, but whole trades the volume goes as before if situation is rainbow, overwhelm. On one hand, the each policy policy that comes on stage often makes of industry interior and buyers and sellers bear ability increases increasingly, a series of is helpful for secondhand the measure huge that room market future develops promoted people to be spent to its attention with degree of belief, the market reaction that promulgates around in policy is calm with each passing day, trade the volume did not happen bigger amplitude; On the other hand, the government sector makes each policy actively urge the market medium secondhand room room source enters the market current, made formation available supply. Prop up in the demand of full amount below, secondhand the room trades the growth that the amount also carried rapidder rate. Beijing government increased the construction to system of safeguard sex housing this year, increased the development supply to land market. Although these elements can be on certain level billabong one part is secondhand of the room buy a settle or live in a strange place group, but at present two be restricted the safeguard sex housing such as the room builds phase at start working only as before, much skill commodity room not only situation with each passing day the suburb is changed, and be faced with the Olympic Games to stop even next year be restricted to be versed in policy is affected. Because this is inside the empty schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater with relatively in short supply supply of next year bridal chamber, secondhand of the room clinch a deal the development that because the advantage such as the advantage showing a house of its oneself and a sector of an area maintains 7 years as before,the quantity meets. It is while pair of markets are optimistic, the person that we considered 8 years integratedly to buy a house in great quantities again is met the wait-and-see strategy with because of the viewpoint of Olympic Games inflection point relatively moderate alternative, accordingly I love my home to think Beijing is secondhand 2008 of room market clinch a deal gross can maintain basically in 8-9 10 thousand between.

   1.2 2008 year Beijing is secondhand the room trades the price as before up, but go up a speed will put delay somewhat
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