Office building of house property of 10 thousand families building dish

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 10 thousand divisions (000002.SZ) building dish abrupt all fronts depreciates

On December 9, the 10 thousand divisions that are located in road of Guangzhou health king are aureate health center formal open quotation, be less than two hours, the C that rolls out first 156 units make work entirely namely exhaust, sale amount evens more 210 million yuan.

The Guangzhou building city of light trading, sudden resurgence is long-unseen hot, the reason fixes a price in Yu Moke open quotation 13000 yuan / of square metre all valence, far under before 20000 yuan when divulge / the price of square metre above.

Price of open quotation of Yun Shan of Pan Moke of another Guangzhou building 12000 yuan / square metre, did not appear last week partial unit 7000 yuan / since square metre, 660 thousand yuan can buy 3 houses unit.

It is Guangzhou not just. On October 20, 10 thousand inflict 7500 yuan / the low of square metre rolls out the Jin Yudong county of 10 thousand divisions that is located in hill of level ground of Shenzhen dragon hillock, open quotation made work that day 10 thousand division share buildings of exhaust; Shanghai dish depreciate, fall on average a 15%……

" of 10 thousand divisions is gotten drop " , avulsion what building city depreciates is prelusive. Subsequently, in the sea real estate, real estate that enrol business (000024 prices, ) , golden land group follows in succession enter depreciate wet.

According to announcement, 2007 1-11 month, 10 thousand divisions realize sale to exceed 46 billion yuan, amplitude of predicting year profit exceeds 100%-150% . By this token, pressure of annals finance affairs is not the dominant reason that 10 thousand divisions depreciate.

"Get drop the immanent cause of " is, look weak hind the product structure that the 10 thousand divisions of city are adjusting him actively, cater to the adjustment of policy, appear with figure of " of " good child again.

   Depreciate 15%-30%

"The price with 10 thousand more reasonable inflict rolls out the product from city of personal new range. "Dongbi of 10 thousand divisions is like Li response to depreciate incident says.

"The project of 10 thousand divisions has depreciating tendency really. "An in-house administrator reveals 10 thousand divisions.

"The house price all round aureate Kang Yuan achieved 18000 yuan / square metre, the make a price of 10 thousand divisions is low many. "Great Wall fund a researcher thinks, but it is 3000 yuan at acquiring this land relatively / the cost of square metre, 10 thousand divisions still gain profit rich and generous, "Shrink actively narrow profit space, but quicken capital steam again, and win good social figure. At the same time low leaves new dish, pressure of sale of project later period also is met lesser, if the price is unreasonable, later period price is exorbitant, below such market environment, probable meeting is covered by him ' firm ' . "This fund researcher thinks, 10 thousand divisions are very rapid to the reaction of the market.
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