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Below the pressure that in the country frequency of policy of macroscopical adjusting control gives, company of this the estate inside Zhou Guo is sufferred suffer, real estate of field of A stock market drops inside exponential a week 1.6% , landed bibcock it is to drop more breathtaking, a of 10 thousand divisions (000002) drop 9.52% , baolide is produced (600048 prices, ) (600048) drop 13.3% , jindeji is round (600383 prices, ) (600383) drop 16.77% , the real estate that enrol business (000024 prices, ) (000024) drop 14.92% . The outback estate company that appears on the market in Hong Kong is sufferred likewise inflict heavy losses on, zhou Wuzhong endowment landed continue to get drop, in exceeding 3 to become endowment landed drop more than 5% . Wang Shi of chairman of board of directors of 10 thousand divisions (guest of king stone rich, king stone news, wang Shi says) (guest of Wang Shi rich, king stone news, wang Shi says) recently is to put inflection point of city of character “ building to had appeared more ” . Analytic personage expresses, grand attune squeezed investment sex to buy a house, cause market chain reaction, but ” of “ inflection point does not mean changeover, current or be a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness of real-estate industry goosefoot is dark.

   Investment sex buys a room to suffer be restricted to cause market wave motion

Since December, enterprise of real estate of sell one's own things of frequency of macroscopical adjusting control lacks digestive time, make originally strong real estate become very flimsy. The country was announced about the branch recently November data of countrywide building city, the floor price of 70 towns of domestic rises on average 10.5% , but this message not only fail hearten invests a mood, make the market afraid instead the likelihood increases adjusting control strength once more in the center of stimulation, visible estate board piece already became flimsy, any messages turn buy goods into easily excuse.

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, the policy of macroscopical adjusting control that this week publishs squeezed the person that as the investment that at present building city buys brunt the gender buys a house, cause market chain reaction. And the person that real need buys a house chooses to manage money wait-and-see, bring about a building dish the sale puts delay, below the circumstance that tightens up credit in bank respect, sale financing appears again problem, the capital catenary of estate company affirms meeting occurrence insecurity.

   Inflection point does not represent changeover

Eve of stone of king of chairman of board of directors of 10 thousand divisions is sure on some forum the earth's surface shows inflection point of “ building city to had appeared ” , to already the building city of billows rise from all directions abandons a big stone again, market controversy in succession. Cao Xu of analyst of industry of real-estate of golden negotiable securities tells the country the reporter especially, the sale status that ” of inflection point of so called “ is not city saying a building can produce Wang Shi essential sex changeover, building town will turn round downward. Show price of house of before this year 3 quarters rises quickly however, the situation with hot sale not answer exist, the outside not should excessive unscramble, because situation of unbalance of countrywide building supply and demand is at present short-term inside won't change.
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