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300 thousand - Duan Cheng of 500 thousand total prices is handed in exceed 3 to become

All-round victory clinched a deal November data shows, afterwards is secondhand October the residence clinchs a deal drop to be become much hind, dropped to become half above again November. Successive two months clinch a deal appear to drop considerably, still be since this year first.

Add up to rich buy course of study to clinch a deal data makes clear, in market whole wait-and-see situation falls, the unit with small total prices more accept favour, secondhand on the market 300 thousand - 500 thousand yuan in valence room, broke through first into double ratio exemple November 30% .  

   Drop considerably continuously first

In light of the data that from room of Guangzhou city land tubal bureau publishs, since this year, have 2 only, had appeared March successive the state that two months drop, but March drop scope is very little, have 0.4% only. 10, successive November two months drop to become above, the atmosphere that explains the market is wait-and-see still grumous.

All-round victory studies the ministry is like Wen Xiao to express, clinched a deal November drop more apparent is the Milky way, sea bead, time Yu, 3 before secondhand floor price rises faster area. October portion clinchs a deal the quantity did not get how old the sea of the influence bead area, felt the power of policy November eventually, add the amount that buys the home newly to be not worth apparently, intermediary must be in energy centrally frequent visitor and on the business that rent. According to all-round victory suitable scene branch concerns chief introduction, compare with normal period photograph, new November harbor on the west board piece the amount that buy the home decreased at least 34 into, clinch a deal the volume dropped at least 2 into, a few although did not stop to see a room,buy the home, but main in order to search bamboo shoot dish for the purpose, skill apiration is not tall. The area of the Milky way November is secondhand clinch a deal, continue to get new politics affect and cool, decrease two into many. In addition, because invest a guest to stop city and buy a vigilance to high-rise price psychology, north of Pearl River new city, the Milky way two big board piece costly building clinchs a deal decrease, pull low of whole town secondhand all valence. As we have learned, current the investment objective of a Yu, basically already no longer “ enters goods ” , those who remain is main still come from Guangzhou the person buy a house that a few have urgent need, although owner is experienced new politics hind visitor seeing a building's rare might, but a little while also does not want to depreciate easily, cause the market this month wait-and-see mood is farther thicken.

In Bai Yun, Li bay, more beautiful wait for area, or because former the price is relatively cheap, or have other of the element such as the school that be like a name prop up, clinch a deal and did not appear to fall apparently. The property with low total prices clinchs a deal continue to rise
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