Fujian new edition buys room contract to come on stage

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Hall of Fujian Province construction announced new castigatory a few days ago " demonstrative text of contract of commodity house business " . " text " will carry out at rising on January 1 next year. Buy room contract photograph to compare with old edition, new edition buys room contract to be added newly, edited much place content. Pass a provision according to photograph of new edition contract, if the person that buy a house is encountered the following two kinds of circumstances can choose to return a house.

   Circumstance one:

   Hand in the room did not handle house property card inside 90 days

New edition contract sets, the bargainor is making a room 60 days inside, to local building authority belongs to the orgnaization that register to handle building property initiative register beforehand, belong to conduction authority register need by the data consign vendee that betrays a person to offer. After because bargainor reason brings about buyer to cannot be in,commodity house consign is used house property evidence is obtained inside 90 days, buyer has authority to choose to return a house. If buyer chooses not to return a house, so, sell a person since the day from exceed the time limit daily the certain proportion that already should pay by vendee pays penalty due to breach of contract.

   Circumstance 2:

   Building area error exceeds 3 %

The person that the contract buys a house clearly still can choose to return another kind of case of the room. That is, if the person that the house is bought when making a room discovers floor area, set inside any errors in floor area exceed 3 % , optional choose returns a house. Below this kind of circumstance, the bargainor must be in buyer is written since the day that puts forward to return a house already paid buyer inside 30 days, the capital that includes to buy directional bank to mortgage loan part and already paid accrual to wait, return buyer. Buyer still can ask the bargainor pays interest.

The bilateral authority when new edition contract also made clear buyer to choose not to return a house duty. 1. If property right registers an area to exceed contract agreement area, the house fund that the error distributes in ministry of 3 % less than by buyer complemental; Exceed 3 % to be able to not pay and have property right with the house money buyer of exterior cent. 2. If property right registers an area to be less than contract agreement area, the house fund that area error distributes in ministry of 3 % less than is returned by the bargainor return buyer; The house money that exceeds 3 % share by the bargainor times doubler return return buyer. In addition, increase when area of mutual share share exceed area of its contract agreement of 3 % , buyer does not assume the house money that exceeds 3 % share.

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