Shanghai office building develops business not to depreciate

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 The person that Shanghai exceeds half the number to buy a house plans to defer to buy a house

Yesterday (16 days of) , estate of Shanghai of · of the 22nd China reveals “2007 Fair ” enters the 3rd day, on Sunday exhibit meeting site to still did not appear lively setting. Although develop business to insist sale price for the most part not release what is held, but the person that policy has made the adjusting control of the near future numerous buy a house made the decision that defers to buy a house.

   Development business does not depreciate

Ms. Wang that lives in general Tuo area wants to change an a bit bigger house all the time, twice house of holiday building town exhibits 11 ” of the 51 ” of “ this year and “ meeting, they see a room, come over again to the end of the year, discover with “ 11 ” photograph is compared, a few buildings dish the price rose again. Handle an inquiry to young lady of building of the carry out that exhibit a stage, gotten answer is quite clear, the price won't be at present fluctuant.

The data that near future of bless power estate provides shows, in the past in a year, the analysis regards as the Lou Panzhong of the object in 347, have 40 buildings dish the price rises amount to 50%~100% . These buildings dish rise in price to basically happen this year second half of the year.

Tang Zhendong of former landed vise general manager expresses in Shanghai, as a result of this year building dish sale result is general and favorable, generally speaking, each companies had been finished before November in those days sale target, below this kind of circumstance, house property company can undertake in the end of the year large-scale sales promotion acts very hard. “ does not pass, can feel the person is done not have this apparently last much. ” king lady expresses, if nobody is bought, development business carries so high price impossibly all the time, so the plan looks etc again, “ calculates anyway do not fall, went up unlikelily also recently ” .

   Half the number defers to buy room plan

Besides price element, loan is bad the one big reason that also is building city cold and cheerless. On December 11, the firm rate that the 2nd flatlet that the Central Bank, silver-colored inspect can announce lends detailed rules beyond anticipation of a lot of people. The salesperson expresses, loan was approved hard, and the Central Bank sets with door after holding an unit for the 2nd flatlet, buy a room to also have bigger effect to the end of the year. Personnel of building having carry out expresses, because loan files occurrence issue,still had encountered, the person that buy a house must remove the condition of the room.

In multiple element the influence falls, state of mind of the person that buy a house has produced apparent change. In investigation of the person that the house is bought in a when Shanghai of search room net stands, the reporter sees, apt of more and more the person that buy a house defer to buy room plan, this one scale was achieved at present 55.33% , have the tendency that rises gradually as the addition that investigates a number.
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