55 square metre 5.5 meters of layers are tall

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Project of Shang Jingtian ground relies on traffic of orbit of Yan Gaoxi road, at the same time square of life of luck of the Woerma with ten square metre, scene is rely on, establishment of circumjacent life form a complete set is mature and perfect. After open quotation, this project happy rich ” designs the “ with 5.5 meters of tall layers, promoted a space utilization rate greatly, and the 55 full-time all-round small family to 87 square metre business affairs is appearing of area first, the long triangle that also drew district of service Yu Baoshan is the biggest rolled steel trades the attention of the small and medium sized business of the market. According to selling statistic, this dishes already in the 80% rooms source of work off, commerce of the nearly 80% rolled steel that be serves an enterprise to buy for private use, 20% buy to invest a gender.

High area board piece it is one of area that estate of treasure mountain area develops equipment to get attention, this area is apart from central the city zone close, there is republican new way to be worn high on the west with the subway a line is outspread line, road of Dong Youyi celestial being is worn high and outspread line passes bright phearl, the town austral north and new residential quarter of pond of the new residential quarter that connect a river, Si, Song is adjacent, south the Jiang Wan of mouth of the Peng riverside new residential quarter with brake north, rainbow presses down photograph companion, east the border on of city of new river bay with Yang Pu. Classics of circuitry of 3 orbit traffic is too same an environs area, be in Shanghai at present scarce.

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