Guangdong hotel office building stops fare to will be coached by the government

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Bureau of Guangdong province prices was rolled out formally recently " service of park of motor vehicle of bureau of Guangdong province prices collects fees administrative measure " , farther standard stops fare, chaos of keep within limits collects fees, optimize natural resources of parking lot land to configure. Be complained by the society former days most wine shop guesthouse is exalted stop fare, will get keep within limits.

Prices bureau points out about chief, jockey to collect fees in disorder the phenomenon emerges in endlessly, masses report is strong. " run way " regulation, except interior major the parking lot jockeys the service collects fees solid quotations field adjusts outside valence, of other parking lot jockey the service collects fees solid administration seat of government fixes a price or the government coachs valence manages. The parking lot of form a complete set such as hotel of the bazaar that implements market price formerly, public place of entertainment, guesthouse, office building, professional market collects fees, price of guidance of all instead government. Inside the fiducial price that operator depends on legal system to decide in bureau of prices of parking lot seat and float extent, affirmatory and specific collect fees.

In addition, in the light of at present existence part operator is passed illicit hire parking space pattern, price control of baleful avoid government, get high specified number to stop fare, " run way " specific provision, taxi and collection is relevant of charge, want to press the regulation that is in a parking lot to determine rate. Administrative measure is specific still, hospital, school, museum, library, green (little) year palace, culture palace, Party and goverment officials, institution inside set a parking lot, need to collect fees, bureau of prices of above of seat county class wants according to compensation cost not the principle of gain makes rate.

Want to understand specific provision, can log onto Guangdong price website (Www.gdpi.gov.cn) .

Those who have one of following state, avoid close jockey service fee:

1, enter a dweller uptown parking lot jockeys not to exceed 30 - 60 minutes, specific time limit is decided by local prices bureau;

2, enter hotel of office building, bazaar, public place of entertainment, guesthouse and dweller uptown common parking lot jockeys not to exceed 30 minutes;

3, enter hotel of tourist attraction of the airport, station, dock, travel, office building, bazaar, public place of entertainment, guesthouse, port to wait for parking lot of form a complete set, and the of all kinds parking lot that other allows to collect fees via approval (do not contain Mi watch to jockey automatically establishment pass an imperial examination 1, 2 place list a parking lot) jockey not to exceed 15 minutes;

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