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Above all, market of Shanghai commerce real estate is overall present ascendant state, be helpful for business spreading the long-term investment of property. Current, no matter how position of a sector of an area has certain “ to contain Troy ” ,any business spreads property. Although at present is put in such and such inadequacy, did not come to Shanghai 23 years to a time is as long as the long “ world rich of half an year is met ” theme, the opportunity can increase only and won't decrease.

Next, if hire the word that does not make work only, the management venture move that can spread trade temporarily goes out. On one hand, the ground of do one's best of small or petty proprietor that coerces the business that rent is spread does well manage; The experienced ” of “ all previous that experiences period of time on one hand, the price of business shop property can rise only and won't fall. To the word that offers again in those days, affirmation can give a good price.

3 it is business shop property is rental also facilitate property right person unified undertake planning, manage and manage, be helpful for “ making flourishing ” market. The still can set upright property of shop having business very much “ brand ” that do, the value that spreads to oneself business then promotes large good part. Although commercial project needs to include to commerce plans and be managed, asset and capital run the professional knowledge that waits for a respect, but the business that should entrust to have experience only manages advisory administration to undertake operating, can achieve sizable earnings completely.

When a market not quite mature perhaps manage an environment not when beautiful, become especially property right person when facing the situation with short of money capital, business the shop moves not only the risk that can avoid to future is managed and manage a likelihood to bring, and also can as early as possible steam again capital. If property right person requirement of had oneself of business shop property is not very good word, suggest to ” moves when “ should move.

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