Central Plains statistic shows: Resale of high-grade room source is in Shanghai

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Come from the newest statistic data of Shanghai Central Plains to show, in Feburary, whole town each district rents the market to all greet prices of peak of one wave height, among them, annulus of hire of month of central the city zone is compared rise 8% the left and right sides. Yang Pu Huang Xing board piece, Huang Pu is old door plank piece and Min go on the west Gu Mei board piece wait for the market that rent to clinch a deal more active.

Huang Xing board piece be located in the eastpart part of Yang Pu division, to the south of Huang Xinglu, circle in the air abundant Lu Yina, calm cool way with boreal area. Orbit traffic the be open to traffic of 8 lines, it is good to bring profit to the circumjacent market that rent. Chief of section of riverside of Shanghai Central Plains poplar expresses, what promote a park in order to fizzle out to be a center is contemporary living area is building stage by stage, this board piece have live recreational and integrated function, secondhand second bridal chamber is supplied enough. Many owner see the near future business market relatively cold and cheerless, throw source of the room in the hand the market that rent in succession, drive this board piece the market that rent clinchs a deal active. In order to delay the violet home Yuan Wei of the road in auspicious, road austral Jing Yu exemple, at present hire of two rooms month is in 2500 reach 2800 yuan. Room of old labour of the new residential quarter that delay auspicious two rooms, lunar hire is in 1800 reach 2000 yuan.

Old door plank piece is located in ministry of southwest of yellow riverside area on the west, be be core function in order to live board piece. Below the propulsion that transforms in old division, this board piece resettlement dweller amount increases, a few dweller “ that live in here all the year round are nostalgic ” complex is thicker, those who choose to hire a room to live is not little. Chief of section of yellow riverside of Shanghai Central Plains expresses, the near future this board piece in high-grade and secondhand resale of room owner choice is the grow in quantity that hire, make this board piece the prices that rent goes hot. The golden day old and well-known family on road of creek of the home that be like land, at present hire of two rooms month is controlled in 5000 yuan; The old Ximen Xinyuan on the road austral Tibet, hire of two rooms month is amounted to 8000 reach 9000 yuan.

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