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Yesterday, sun Shenlin represents groups of 100 million peaceful negotiable securities to sign cooperative agreement, “ our target is 3 two years immanent United States appears on the market, become change look forward to to land the first ” of American security market. As city business association (total chamber of commerce) chairman, he hopes more Yu Qimeng gives birth to the impulse that enters capital market.

It is reported, groups of 100 million peaceful negotiable securities are the Chinese investment orgnaization with North America the largest scale, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in basically be being driven appears on the market to the international market financing offers finance to seek advice from a service, to market of capital of international of enterprise have the aid of development expands having positive effect, it is capital of collect of our city some enterprise successfully last year 150 million dollar.

Before this, landed magnate Sun Shenlin just came out to invest the 120 million message that raises a pig in Yun Yang, decided in Fu hill investment makes cereal of “ golden hill again recently ” of city of science and technology of contemporary zoology agriculture, involve contemporary breed aquatics, the many industries such as travel of food treatment, zoology and estate development. We take a fancy to “ the industrial structure of southern group health. Chief discloses ” related negotiable securities of 100 million peaceful, plan in advance invests 500 million dollar, establish joint-stock company with southern group, develop the field such as stock raising, tourism, real estate jointly. “ is current southern group total assets 1.5 billion yuan, the hope can be achieved inside 5 years 5 billion even 10 billion. ”

Sun Shenlin expresses, plan is abroad appear on the market raising fund is short-term goal only, greater sense depends on promoting reform. Mature market is right outside “ condition appear on the market the demand of the company is a lot of higher, the process that appear on the market is the company changes the course that make, build get used to an international market requirement, accord with the international convention, contemporary company that has powerful actual strength and development energy. ”

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