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Estate is in recent years one of significant point of growths of Chinese economy, also be one of industries with everybody the most intense controversy at the same time. The development that Wang Shi heads the 10 thousand divisions below 20 years expands course, the progress that reforms with China almost is synchronous, witnessed in recent years the development of lifeblood of Chinese important economy is mixed grow, also make Wang Shi becomes the top class entrepreneur that everybody fixes eyes upon accordingly.

Letter press publishs in " road and dream " an autobiography that is Wang Shi, he told about himself in the book career of business management of 20 one's remaining years rises and fall mediumly free and easy: The Jun Mozhi that dug the crisis is the legend experience of the first pail of gold, fascicularly 1994 1983 is contended for, the autobiography that ascends a Mount Everest …… successfully 2003 to pass through Wang Shi can understand real estate truly, understanding China enterprise and the whole process that Chinese economy reforms, see Wang Shi guides the company with the 10 thousand preeminent divisions below to administer, and the massive effort that Wang Shi is protecting place of investor rights and interests to make. Although there is luxuriant flowery language in the book, but the fact with insipid true narrate, reflect real industry problem, it is the place that this book deserves to look most, accordingly this is a valuable book.

Author king stone, established Shenzhen 1984 instrument of contemporary science and education is on sale center (10 thousand divisions of “ ) of predecessor of enterprise Inc. ” , hold the post of general manager; President of Inc. of enterprise of the Ren Moke since 1988 holds general manager concurrently, resigned in Feburary 1999 company general manager one duty, currently hold the post ofcompany president. Inc. of business of 10 thousand families is China's biggest estate appears on the market at present company.

Regard mountain-climbing as athletic lover, wang Shi ascends a Mount Everest successfully 2003, maintaining home to publish the oldest record of a Mount Everest up to now.

   Shenzhen of go into business of 33 years old of do sth in a fit of pique

Wang Shi can calculate on of the go into business of official of the first batch of governments since Chinese reforming and opening among them.

On August 26, 1980, xie Jianying of chairman of countrywide National People's Congress chairs National People's Congress of the 5th whole nation the 15th times the conference, approved " Guangdong saves byelaw of special economic zone " . This day, be Shenzhen special economic zone establish day.

Also be in 1980, king Shi Tong enters invite applications for a job too, the classics outside entering Guangdong to save appoint, do capital attraction work. He is active in age the “ of two season is wide hand in meeting ” to go up, often come in and go out advanced guesthouse, lifestyle has bit of shotgun to change the taste of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun. But it is in the oblivious of oneself job that is full of enthusiasm, the problem appeared.
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