Guangdong saves legislation of a few cities to administer " the room in the room

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Break the law in the light of the owner privately that appears in a few cities currently rebuild housing, harm others security makes the appearance of ” of the room in “ room, a few cities of Guangdong are legislative already control, some is planning lay off stage relevant policy, check this kind of chaos changes housing to rent the behavior that seek profit.

Recently, guangzhou city Heng Fulu one owner of 20 dwellers building rebuilds illegally housing, ” of the room in getting “ house rents menace arrives other is safe, caused all round the dweller's dissatisfaction. This is Guangzhou city Bai Yunshan scenery formerly scenic spot the room of management board changes a room, live formerly the building of chief commander of course of study of 504 rooms sold another owner, the approval of this new owner without concerning a section, did not deal with any formalities, rebuild the housing of this 70 square metre for 3 small, built 3 3 3 bedrooms, toilets, kitchens respectively, opened 3 entrance doors at the same time. This building dweller violates chaos to change housing to this owner, the behavior of minatory others security feels disgusted very, the snap that has persuading sufferring this owner however to its, minatory. Person of group of bureau of canal of Guangzhou town house comes to ask this owner fills do decorate a newspaper to establish procedures, the announce that this owner runs town house bureau paste gives tear to shreds. Broad dweller visited this incident report to Guangzhou municipal you home recently, caused the attention of concerned branch, considering to undertake handling to this matter, consider concerned legislative issue.

The incident of ” of this kind of room in getting “ house illegally is not in Guangzhou city infrequent, according to investigation of government of district of Guangzhou city the Milky way, ” of the room in room of many 1500 “ is shared inside this area, district government already drafted relevant solution, already reported legislation of city National People's Congress, do not accept to refus those who rectify and reform is illegal rebuild housing gives demolish compulsively.

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