Frequency of Nanjing ground king gives market cold heat not all

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On December 6, nanjing makes public sell one's own things 9 land. The lake of celestial being forest that bureau of natural resources of Nanjing city land is “G82” to number above all with on the west, highway of celestial being forest holds vendue with plot of boreal B1, B2, through 58 rounds fight hard, fine investment and fact achieve the luck that comes from banner of the real estate that enrol business to fall investment is built with beating adversary dwell glow 2.41 billion yuan, wangji records the 2.405 billion land that refresh benevolence constant achieved last year.  

But after half hour, lake of celestial being forest with on the west, highway of celestial being forest passes contest price 25 rounds with plot of boreal A1, A2, by what Nanjing Gao Keqi falls estate of celestial being forest carries off with 2.595 billion yuan, again the ground king record that refresh just appears.

After the auction ends, the dwell glow area that takes in contest of spot view and emulate appoint Linxin the city zone is in charge of secretary, celestial being appoint conference chairman Liang Xuezhong faces a reporter, said “ mood is very heavy 3 times continuously ” .

Liang Xuezhong expresses, the price that 4 plot send this Ci Xianlin, tower above of totaller than sell one's own things base price 2.4 billion multivariate, price already the bronco ” of seem “ bolt.

“ the new the city zone to Nanjing, price of house of celestial being forest is in 5000 yuan / square metre left and right sides can be accepted by the market most, but floor price already achieved 5000 yuan nowadays / square metre. ”Liang Xuezhong says.

According to the data of real estate of Nanjing net main rooms, new developed area of celestial being forest is month of Nanjing building city clinchs a deal all the time measure lowest board piece. Although the near future has the subway 2 lines east Yan Xianlin's profit is good, dan Xianlin building dish sell 8000 yuan / square metre still is shown demanding.

However, nanjing land market is appearing “ cold heat not all the evidence of ” . Compare the “ hot ” of plot of residence of new the city zone, partial commerce plot gets development company cold reception fully.

Pat with field contest with respect to what in Nanjing “ newly king ” is born on the meeting, number makes an appointment with the river of 15 thousand square metre to CBD commerce plot quotes because of nobody on the west and shed mark for area of 2007G87, sell one's own things, this also makes the commercial lot that this year sheds mark first times.

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