Before Harbin 3 quarters are investigated

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The reporter understands from branch of Harbin municipal government, before this year 3 quarters, sale of house of Harbin city commodity is active, amplitude of period room sale is bigger, among them commodity house sale grows two compared to the same period into many.

As we have learned, the commodity house this year has sold Harbin city at going up year of the corresponding period, this year 1 to September, house of commodity of whole town implementation sells an area 3.959 million square metre, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 14.2% . Among them, commodity house sells 3.607 million square metre, grow 22.2% . Before this year 9 months, house of Harbin city commodity shows what the room sells area and area of period room sale to compare for 41.4: 58.6. Among them, show a room to sell 1.638 million square metre, drop 1.9% ; Period room sells 2.321 million square metre, grow nearly 3 to become, period room sale is valued, become draw the main power that uses market of house of whole town commodity. Before this year 3 quarters, integrated and average sale price is house of Harbin city commodity 3002 yuan / square metre. Among them, commodity house sale price is 2882 yuan / square metre.

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