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Floor area of practice, business amounted to 250 thousand square metre, so-called “ to grow trigonometry last year shopping square of the annulus in the 100 couplet of the first ” , do not be coterie formerly person place is valued, handed over a satisfactory exam paper however today: One shop begs businessmen hard, fu of ice-cream of astral Buck, DQ, silk orchid wait for international brand to gather, the ATM that East Asia bank, broken bits makes a bank takes money machine to be entered in succession halt, 100 couplet of not low …… concern the consumptive administrative levels that shows a visitor chief says, just about convenient in the billow passenger flow that link line brings, just make 100 couplet medium sale of annulus shopping square rises successively.

Hand in unobstructed, current ability is met flourishing. What Shanghai builds is medium link line, string each with shopping centers burgeoning industry condition is encircled for the new business of the backbone, along the line of line of the link in was being satisfied already builds dweller village shop, recreation, recreational “ is one-stop ” consumes demand, made up for former these area commerce sites the blemish with little, low energy level; Also as a result of convenient traffic, will medium the radiant emitance of ring business affects area of delta of the Yangtse River. Inside parking lot of shopping square of the annulus in 100 couplet, at ordinary times the car of license plate of Jiangsu, Zhejiang is occupied 4 into, arrived double cease day, the guest that comes from Su Zhe is more, they take a fancy to the commodity such as jewelry of famous brand dress, gold, average every guest consumption is amounted to 380 multivariate.

The ” of “ gold ring that ring trade group says to going up is commerce in, the businessmen that let garrison earn is very happy. Shopping square of the annulus in 100 couplet is located north of Yu Zhonghuan line paragraph group of true north trade, sale month by month rises since start business of store of the annulus in mansion of among them Oriental business, 87 much door inn of whole nation of Ji Lianhua of one's life experience of ascend of inn of the annulus in couplet China sell the century before 8 of pop chart, inn of the annulus in old temple gold since May, beyond garden of comfort of gold of old temple of rank of sale of month in and month out the first of all door inn; In link line east paragraph business of 5 horn field encircles Yang Pu, because,be in the complete of annulus, finished quickly from narrow the transition of region mart Xiang Anyu mart, 10 thousand amount to, 100 couplet another city and inn of Yang Pu of Oriental business mansion 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, sha Yangpu of Oriental yesterday business appears afresh after old building of island of inn general former gold and get through of building of new blue sky, total management acreage enlarges 30 thousand square metre from former 12 thousand square metre, new business mansion will make 5 part
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