The 2007 houses price that Chengdu building city cannot duplicate shuffles into

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Discover not hard, industry is right went to the Chengdu estate 2007 2005 situation forecast general likeness, stable development, go up force of hair of county of a rein in, outskirt is a keyword all the time. But draw near 2008, all moods that make a person smooth and steady not answer exist. “ day desire its die, make its mad surely ” , development business never resembles such now catching passing madly it seems that, where is the market? Where is profit?

Perhaps, we also are done not have again really the 2nd 2007, chengdu building city has so driving this year purchasing power very hard again, house price can upsurge very hard quickly so again, chengdu outskirt county is very difficult also again because of estate one day changes year old of last stage reachs when …… , good view no longer, the outlook is measured hard, we are worth to be answered eye 2007.  

House price develops the wild game of business

About 2007 of Chengdu house price forecast, really come true. “ price continues rocket, house price subsequently and go up, the ab extra scale that buy a house increases, a few deserted outskirt counties also can send force abruptly. ” this is informal on the net one search can find, all circles inside course of study of the beginning of the year is right the prophecy 2007.

“ we remnant this one house, and all valence differs everyday, want to hurry please surely so. Such speech all often shows young lady of building of ” carry out the psychological dominant position that develops business. Estate sold a room the unusual appearance of the market 2007, brought up open quotation to make work namely exhaust, buy a room to want a day of get in by the back door, univalent infrequent “ mythological ” . Business often worries about even the development that is main goal with profit, this house price also rises too quickly!

As a result of companies of a large number of ab extra development intervene, the decrescent of area of land of Chan Zong sell one's own things, demand lasts exuberant wait for a reason, chengdu the price 2007 rises very swift and violent. Central the city zone is good thousands of every mus 10 thousand day price plot appears again and again, suburb price also shows 4—5 of times add go up, wen Jiang together 70 much / mu plot, arrived 2007 second half of the year already violent wind rose 300 much / mu! The land sale price that became 100 parcel on September 20 is more go up this kind power play arrives acme, 88 million yuan / mu, a brand-new ground king is born right now. Many intermediary orgnaizations before this clinch a deal in what forecast this ground when valence, price had arrived 4000 much / mu, did not think of the result is however over this foundation broke up one time again. This project that 9 dragon storehouse is about to develop, floor plot price achieves 16499.99 yuan / square metre. The house price that such calculation comes out is, price of commercial share house will amount to 42000 yuan / smooth rice, office building and residence, hotel will amount to 20000 yuan / smooth rice above.
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